Ladies, We Are The Forest

Originally posted May 2014 on

Last week we launched a new tank of vintage crochet in a pale aqua hue. The design is delicate, not fussy. I love it so much the first thing I did in mine was run a 100miler with 40,000ft of elevation gain. For just shy of 38 hours I wore our pretty new tank matched with a pretty tough spirit, pun intended.

Back at my desk I received the following email from a retailer considering the new design: “I like them but I think most of our trail running crowd (80% of our customers) will find them too feminine.”  

My response? WTF.

I respect that store owners know their customers. So, this being true, do lady trail runners really feel that they cannot / should not dress overly feminine? Is there a conception that to be taken seriously as a hardcore mountain climber we must fit in with hipster approved shades of eggplant or olive? That hot pink belongs only to frivolous road runners? Perhaps this store owner is on to something as I recently read a blog where a well-known female trail runner stated that she wears pink, but assured readers it was only ‘worn ironically’.

Let me tell you how I feel about that. Continue reading “Ladies, We Are The Forest”